The State Of Education And Technology In Canada

Education and technology in Canada is in an interesting state of flux nowadays. On the one hand, there are numerous innovations that have come about over the past few years, many of which have changed the face of education in significant ways. On the other hand, there remains an adherence to outdated modes and methods of education and a disregard for new innovations, which threaten to undermine the country’s progress.

It is important to realize that successful and proper education so often requires the careful and thorough integration of a number of essential factors. It also relies in large part on the interaction between various sectors of society, including residents of the community, the society itself, and technology. It is these aspects that the Canadian educational system will have to address if it is to ensure the quality of education that the succeeding generations will need in order to remain globally competitive.

Many of the most effective educational systems and proponents in the country focus on a defined approach comprised of a number of key competencies including:

• creativity
• critical thinking
• collaboration
• communication
• character development
• culture
• computer and digital technology

Each of these aspects is an absolutely essential component in a comprehensive educational approach, and giving them equal focus will help ensure a well-rounded and well-educated individual who is ideally positioned to take advantage of all the technological innovations that society has to offer.

It is equally important to explore educational opportunities beyond traditional classroom instruction. This is one aspect where technology can be especially valuable, as it provides learners the unique opportunity to explore educational avenues that were previously all but inaccessible. With computers, the Internet, social networking, and even mobile devices, the educational field is rife with opportunities for learning and instruction that simply were not available only a few years ago.

Today’s generation is ideally positioned to take advantage of these innovations, and the educational system will simply have to keep in step if it hopes to ensure the continued competence and competitiveness of today’s new breed of Canadian learners. The future of Canadian education remains bright to be sure, and technology will undoubtedly continue to play an essential role.

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