School Therapist Jobs

School therapists are an integral part of a student’s success. School therapists assist students socially, emotionally and academically. School therapists are needed in elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools. The job of a school therapist is very rewarding. School therapists assist students in suggesting courses that most benefit each student. In the case of a high school student, a school therapist conveys which high school courses would best assist the student in their chosen college major. In addition, a school therapist helps in planning out courses that fulfill mandatory educational units. In addition to course unit requirements, school therapists may address student special needs if necessary. It is required that a school therapist report to the proper authorities in the event of suspected abuse or neglect.

School therapists help assist students with emotional problems where they may otherwise go undetected. In some instances where problems may go under the radar, school therapists are able to help a student in a vital way. School therapists also help to assist with students problems with other students, such as in the case of bullying. Junior high school and high school can be intimidating to new students. By acquainting students with school requirements, students can adjust to their new surroundings easier. Students are of the utmost importance. School therapists coordinate with teachers, the principal and parents regarding the success of students. In some instances, school therapists may require intervention with families.

School therapists are extensively trained to meet the needs of students. School therapists are trained in human development, research, assessment, treatment and counseling in addition to other areas of training. Education often includes a Master’s degree and continuing education to stay on top of current issues. Some states require that a school therapist have credentials and endorsed. In the case that a future school therapist is required to be either licensed or credentialed, a national examination will need to be taken and passed the occupational therapist.

While the reward of being a school therapist is helping students achieve success academically, emotionally and socially, there are many other benefits to being a school therapist. For instance, school therapists make an average of $55 thousand. However, some school therapists and make upwards of $80 thousand per year. Some school therapists have the option of working summers if they choose. A school therapist’s schedule is often flexible to ensure appointment availability. With an increase in population, the need for school therapists continues to be in demand.

Being a school therapist is rewarding. School therapists help to matriculate and guide students to prepare students for their lives beyond school. The importance of being a school therapist extends to the success of a school and all the students who attend.

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